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Science Information for Teachers (SIFT)

Currently serving over 2,600 teachers

The internet has become a powerful tool for use in the classroom as well as for teachers preparing lessons. Copious materials are available if only we have time to sift through the internet to find them.

Here is where SIFT (Science Information for Teachers) comes in. SIFT is a free subscription e-mail service to science teachers to help in that time consuming process. SIFT allows science teachers and other science educators to easily gain information about the latest & coolest internet science resources, recommended educational site visits, professional development workshops or grant opportunities.

For your security, NO e-mail addresses are forwarded to the SIFT recipients. For those that do not want a large number of e-mail messages arriving (sometimes 10 - 15 per week), they can choose to receive a once weekly digest of the mailings in one e-mail. In addition, each month's postings are archived online for later reference.

The custodian of the SIFT list is Charles D. Lawrence, MPH, Ph.D.


      To subscribe to SIFT: E-mail and say "subscribe"
To unsubscribe from SIFT: E-mail and say "unsubscribe".

All of the SIFT items are archived on the SIFTer's Guide to Everything

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